Raw Poetry Productions (RPP) is a diverse entertainment company that is revolutionizing the way art is presented and received. RPP uses art as a means of communication and awareness to the social issues that plagued our communities. Approaching real life with raw entertainment will not only result in providing a platform for artists to flourish, but will also become a catalyst for social change. In any event that a life is saved or changed for the better is an experience you don’t want to miss!


Since the year 2001 Raw Poetry Productions was just a dream that flourished the mind of Madea Bailey also known as DaTruthDaPoet. This dream was brought into fruition the year of 2016 when she curated her first poetry production. With poetry being considered questionable to be put into production form it surprisingly reached a beautiful audience of 300 people.


Raw Poetry Productions was created to reform the way poetry is encountered by creating a new experience for our audience. Boredom and monotony are replaced with unlikeness, excitement and a full performance of passion. For the first time you will see the depth of poetry exude itself off the page and manifest in other art forms such as dance, song, and even acting. In this performance all limitations and stigmas are lost and a new found respect for poets and poetry is found.

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